Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Brecks Family

I enjoy watching these cuties grow but I have to say they are growing too quickly!  They were on the blog back in March and were about 8 weeks old, click here for those pics. 

Here is Mr. H

We go way back with the boys' parents.   Their daddy was the Best Man at our wedding and their mommy instantly became a member of the family the second we met her.   I was excited to visit with them when they first arrived and probably should have been taking pictures of the boys instead.   Don't worry, Tom, I cropped you out of this one ;)

Not only do I LOVE the expression on his face but I'm super jealous of this picture.  Maybe one day I will have one like this ;)

After a short nap Mr. A was ready to go

I had so much fun flirting with him!!

Daddy and his boys

Momma and her boys.  We did this same pose the last time we took pictures, they have grown a TON!

I love this family picture!

Thank you for coming over to our house to visit - there is nothing like good friends and good food :)  We hope to see you again soon!!!!!    I still have not gotten a great picture of the twins together... oh boys, your day is coming :)