Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback ~ Spring 2008 -- For Lindsay

My good friend, Lindsay, asked me if I still had the pictures I took of her little girl back in Spring 2008.  Let me remind you that I had just gotten my camera and I thought a flash was necessary for everything.  I had taken my little girl's pictures a few time in hopes of learning photography since I had been disappointed in a few local studios.  These were the best I could do at the time and I hope that I have learned something since then :)  

Lindsay had a great idea of taking pictures of 'Baby I' on a black background wearing only a hat.  She has beautiful blue eyes and she also asked if I could make the pictures black and white with only blue highlighted.

Same pictures as above but in B&W

While digging through my old files I ran across pictures of our daughters together.   Of course I had to include them on this post :)   It makes me realize how much my son and daughter really do look alike :)

Here you go Linds.  If you want me to burn them on a CD for you I can.  We've had a lot of great memories and we need to get together SOON!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miss H ~ 10 months

Little H has grown a ton since I saw her in December, but still as cute as ever!

Her mother was really flexible and went along with my crazy idea.  I think these pictures turned out great!!

And we even managed to get a picture of her with her bow in her hair ;)

Sorry ladies, when I see the opportunity for a generational picture I go for it.  This turned out great!!

We were playing peek-a-boo

In true "H" form, her tongue is stuck out.  I had to keep this one!!

This was one final snap shot while her momma was packing up.   

One last picture in B&W

Thank you, ladies, for coming to visit this morning!   Miss H, I hope you feel better soon!  You still did a great job with your pictures!   I hope you had a safe trip home.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Here's newly updated cousin pictures for you :)  They are growing like weeds!!

And my favorite outtake!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day Part II

This might be my new favorite picture of my little girl.  She has this obsession with "ladybugs" and since we have had a few days of warmer weather they have hatched.   This is her petting her "ladybugs"... she really does love those stinky little things.....

I just like his shirt ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Man ~ 21 Months

I can't believe my little guy is nearly 21 months old!!!   I know I say this every time, but where has the time gone???????   If I could only pause time and keep him a baby just a little longer.....

I'm experimenting with a new back-drop since I'm still stuck inside for photos.   Just a few more weeks and I can photograph outside :)

Ornery....  that's the only word I can think of and describes my son 100%

I like this one in B&W

And, of course, my baby girl wanted some pictures taken so I obliged :) 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First race of the season

Here's my little princess proudly sporting her race shirt & bib.  After all, racing is all about the shirt, right?

Since I am still unable to run my husband ran with her this time.  They are waiting for the race to start.

mid-way through the race

I understand that everyone doesn't win in real life but I'm a fan of this particular race because every child that enters gets a medal :)

Post-race lunch

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

I procrastinated just a little too long on taking my little guy upstairs for his nap and he fell asleep on the floor.   A little sisterly/brotherly love always brings a smile to my face :)