Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback ~ Spring 2008 -- For Lindsay

My good friend, Lindsay, asked me if I still had the pictures I took of her little girl back in Spring 2008.  Let me remind you that I had just gotten my camera and I thought a flash was necessary for everything.  I had taken my little girl's pictures a few time in hopes of learning photography since I had been disappointed in a few local studios.  These were the best I could do at the time and I hope that I have learned something since then :)  

Lindsay had a great idea of taking pictures of 'Baby I' on a black background wearing only a hat.  She has beautiful blue eyes and she also asked if I could make the pictures black and white with only blue highlighted.

Same pictures as above but in B&W

While digging through my old files I ran across pictures of our daughters together.   Of course I had to include them on this post :)   It makes me realize how much my son and daughter really do look alike :)

Here you go Linds.  If you want me to burn them on a CD for you I can.  We've had a lot of great memories and we need to get together SOON!

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