Sunday, January 29, 2012

Little guy ~ 2 1/2 years - Baby girl ~ 4 1/2 years

Time is flying and I can't believe it's time for my little guy's 2 1/2 year pics!!!  I took these about a month ago but am behind on blogging :)

And here is my baby girl.... 4 1/2 already!!!  This is probably my favorite picture of her... ever!

It blows my mind to see how grown up she looks..... just wait until you see her Valentine pictures :(

If you think my kids just sit and smile perfectly for the camera you are oh so very WRONG :)   Here are a couple outtakes from this last session....

This is a whole new level of ornery!  He is 2 1/2 and I am fearful of how he's going to be at 5, 8 and 16!!!!

This is when we decided we weren't going to take pictures, like, on the 1st shot ;)  Look carefully, Mr. Ornery is peeking through his fingers! ha!  I'm thankful my little girl outgrew this stage :)

I apologize for the drab black background but it's winter and I suppose it's better than the dead outside.  I have been attempting to experiment with new backdrops for winter photography but not having too much luck without getting the "fake" look.   

Stay tuned.... I have Valentine pics to post soon as well as some new products :)

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