Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Race

Today is a big day for our family.  My husband and I are avid runners and today was our daughters first kids race.  It wasn't timed, just for fun but she had a GREAT time :)  By the way, we only registered her due to her begging us to let her run a race.

Finally her OWN race bib, no more stealing mine and her very own race shirt.   She's just a little proud...

Stretching is very important!  I wish she would have let me get take a picture of her stretching next to her dad - adorable!

Nearly finished with the race.  The 1 mile race was a long way for those little legs!   She was a trooper and did a great job, finishing in 11:00!

She's very serious...

It was a chilly morning, but we all had fun.   Happy Birthday to my husband!  Sorry I made you run the 5K alone, hopefully these allergies will clear soon!

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