Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Birthday Season!

We've hit the birthday season at our house!  My little guy will be TWO next week and my baby girl will be FOUR in early July!   

First up -- my little guy

We had a gorgeous evening to take pictures, however the ducks were quite disturbing for me.... of course entertaining for the kiddos....

My absolute favorite :)  My little guy is such a lounger.  Him walking with his hand in his pocket is just him -- perfect :)

Who says your two year pics have to be *facing* the camera????   I love this one too!  Check out that gorgeous sunshine :)

And here is my princess!

I lucked out and got a picture of them together :) Woohoo!

And one last picture that truly describes my little guy...... ;)

Let the celebrations begin!!!!

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  1. Great pictures! I wish I lived a bit closer so you could take some of my two sweethearts :) Or maybe you have plans coming to Europe?!